Proof that I don't hack.



    Proof that I don't hack.

    Mensagem por Andy em Seg 02 Ago 2010, 10:21

    Hola señores,

    mi español no esta muy bien, entonces, voy a hablar ingles :p

    Yesterday, my team played versus you (zeca, rodtex ..) and you thought that I hack.
    I don't like to be ennemy with another clan, so i give you my fraps of the suspicious frag.

    Sorry to frag like that but i'm not really noob :p

    Enjoy video, and i hope that i will play again with your clan. Because you're really fair play, really ! Wink It's really good. (You just accused me, but not badly ^^)



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    Re: Proof that I don't hack.

    Mensagem por Black86Snake em Qua 08 Set 2010, 12:57

    good job, thx 4 showing your game play.

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